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Discover Gila County Logo 350 wideLocated in the heart of Arizona, Gila County welcomes the adventurous soul to answer the call of the wild - and explore our 17 communities. Rejuvenate your senses with the summer smell of a ponderosa pine forest,  panoramic views of breathtaking sunsets - and sunrises the next day from your cabin or campsite.
 is your gateway to national forest trails and campsites, scenic hikes and fishing spots; museums that focus on historic western frontier lore -- and modern day 21st century cowboys still out riding the range and working cattle, Apache Nations to visit, miners, ranchers and nature. Your guide to this and so much more from our northern communities of Pine-Strawberry

down through Rim Country to the 'Copper Corridor'
communities of Globe-Miami and  Hayden-Winkelman:

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