Gila County Government Joins Solar Path

Gila County Government is joining the solar path.  Gila County and Tioga Energy are working together to go green.  In the fall of 2011 the Board of Supervisors signed Credit Purchase Agreements for solar energy savings at the Courthouse and the Central Heights complex in Globe.  Tioga Energy will own, maintain and operate the solar generating system and structures for twenty years.

Tioga Energy coordinated with APS and Kitchell Contracting for new parking structures that were designed and built to house the solar panels at both of these facilities. Over a twenty year period Gila County will purchase the amount of power generated through Tioga Energy at a reduced rate from what we are paying APS and save tax dollars.

Each location will have a kiosk that will show real time energy monitoring so anyone can view the power generated.  We are in the final stages of construction and the plans are to ‘flip the switch’ in December 2012.