Winter Preparedness Information

The rain and snow weather predicted for this weekend marks the beginning of the Winter Storm season for Gila County. We would like to remind citizens to be prepared for winter conditions inside your home and when traveling.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that everyone have supplies to survive for 3-5 days after a disaster.  Emergency service personnel may be delayed by road damages, snow or flood conditions and utility outages.

That means having sufficient heating fuel such as propane or wood, water for each person-1 gallon per day, and food for 5-7 days.  Make sure you have extra clothing and blankets at home and in your car.  You may need a backup power supply for your cell phone and batteries for a portable radio so you can monitor emergency announcements and weather conditions.

Make sure you have sufficient medications on hand so you don’t experience an interruption in dosage.

Prepare a “Go-Box” with important papers such as home and flood insurance policies, prescriptions and medical records.  Don’t forget your pets, they also need food, water and a copy of veterinary records and medications.

Keep you tank at least ½ full in case you need to evacuate.  You may consider leaving the area to visit friends or family in the event of a strong winter event prediction.

Logon to the Arizona Emergency Information Network at where you can view statewide emergency bulletins, preparedness information or signup for social network alerts, such as Facebook or Twitter.

For local emergency information and winter preparedness tips please logon to or call the Gila County Emergency HOTLINE at: 928-402-8888 or toll free at 800-304-4452