Houston Creek Public Health Warning and Remediation

HoustonCreekGila County’s Environmental Health Division issued a public health advisory this week to avoid all contact with water and the steambed of Houston Creek: don’t swim, drink, wade or walk in the creek bed while signs are posted, and while creek cleanup is underway. Discharge of partially-treated water and sludge from the Houston Creek Landing Sewage Treatment Plant on Sept. 10 prompted the warning. Water quality for partially-treated water discharged from the plant has been corrected; but sludge deposited in the creek bed continues to pose a risk to human health. Untreated wastewater and deposited sludge can carry pathogens, bacteria, and other compounds that pose a risk to human health,  and the environment.

The area has been signed with warnings, and public safety announcements issued to local media; Gila County’s Environmental Health Division Manager Jake Garrett reminds local residents and visitors to avoid the water and streambed of Houston Creek until further notice, and until warning signs are removed. Questions about these temporary restrictions, or the remediation cleanup? Call Gila County Environmental Health at (928)474-7177 or call
Pivotal Utilities, management of the Houston Creek Landing Wastewater Treatment Plant , at (720)949-1384.