Dollar Day Suspended as of December 1,  2020

Dollar Day Suspended
Most Loads Just $7.50
Reinstated two months ago, Gila County has once again halted the second-Saturday-each-month ‘dollar day’ that brought crowds to both Gila County landfills. As of Dec. 1 The monthly discount day is suspended while covid-19 contagion continues to spread, and remains a public health concern for county leaders.
“This step is being taken for two main reasons: the main one is to follow federal, state and county emergency declaration guidelines to reduce crowds -- and, on a more personal and individual basis -- the safety of each and every landfill user, and safety of our small staff who operate the landfill and interact with every customer who arrives at the landfill,” said Steve Sanders, Public Works Director. “And rest assured, this is not permanent. Suspending dollar day is a temporary measure until public health officials assure us that the virus is under control.”

Most loads Cost $7.50
Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-through-Saturday (closed Sundays and Holidays) at county landfills. Need to confirm the landfill schedule? Check the website,  or call 928-425-7470 for Russell Gulch Landfill staff in Globe, or (928) 476-3350 for Buckhead Mesa in Payson. Staff remind residents to tarp, cover and secure your trash. Arizona state and local laws require all loads must be covered or secured - that applies to residential haulers as well as commercial.
Landfill staff say $7.50 includes up to 280 pounds, with an additional three-cents per pound for heavier loads. And for all other waste (construction, mixed loads, metal, large brush). Hauling a load of residential grass clippings, leaves, limbs and shrubs? That’s considered ‘green waste’, and the fee is $5 for 280 pounds or less, plus a slight surcharge for heavier loads. A ‘brush rate’ applies when tree limbs are larger than four inches diameter.