Local Leaders: Please, Please PLEASE -- Do Your Census

Local Leaders:  Please, Please PLEASE -- Do Your Census!

CensusNotTooLateGraphic Time is running out -- and Arizona's lack of response to the nationwide 2020 census will cost the state millions of dollars: diminished federal support for roads, schools, single moms, economic development. 
Gila County's self-response rate below 50 percent means you probably know someone who hasn’t completed their household census.
How can you help?
Speak with neighbors, friends and family -- call or email -- post on facebook. Urge them to complete their census today, easily and online at
Or call 844-330-2020,  where census staffers help complete your census over the phone, seven-days-a-week, from 7:00 a.m. til 2:00 a.m. 

San Carlos Apache Tribe leaders urgently need more Apaches to be counted. The census determines how much federal money San Carlos receives over the next 10 years for roads, social services, schools -- support for the San Carlos Healthcare hospital, Apache elders and preschoolers.

How can you help? Every Monday during September, stop by Nolines in Peridot between 10am-2pm, and ask Kodee, Debi or other friendly census workers to help you complete your census -- they will be equipped to complete them right there,  onsite,  and will send you home with freebies, too, as a Thank-You!

In fact, it has never been easier to complete your own census. The 2020 census can be done easily online, and those who don’t have a computer or internet access may call a toll-free number and provide your info over the phone. That number is 844-330-2020, follow instructions, and a census worker will take your information over the phone. Again, that number is 844-330-2020. Or do your census right now, online! If  you have internet access or a smartphone -- do your own census online, now -- its easy, and only takes about five minutes. Get started at