Gila County Helps Owners Pay for Dog and Cat Spay-Neuter Surgery

AZ Pet Plates: $7500 For Gila County Spay and Neuter Surgery

How can you help prevent unwanted litters of puppies and kittens? Even if you don’t own a dog or cat, upgrade your license plates to an AZ Pet Plate, with whimsical art by painter Ron Burns – and with $17 of your $25 fee funding low-cost spay and neuter services for dogs and cats.
Arizona Department of Transportation keeps just $8 of that total. The colorful license plates truly help, and right here in our own communities: Gila County Animal Care and Control still has money available from the $7,500 grant specifically for Gila County residents to spay and neuter their pets. The grant reduces the price “by about half” for pet owners, who still need to pay their share: $80 for dogs to be spayed or neutered, or $50 for a cat.

How To Apply
To be eligible for help paying for spay or neuter surgery, owners must reside in Gila County and dogs and cats must be up-to-date on current rabies vaccination -- signed by a licensed veterinarian – and dogs must also be up-to-date with the required Gila County dog license. If your pets aren’t already licensed, have a credit card ready and accomplish that conveniently online at, or have a credit card ready and call 425-5882 during weekday business hours. Join a community of nearly 3,000 pet lovers who help reconnect stray pets with anxious owners at, where you can also contact helpful staff, see cute photos, and read useful pet care posts. Animal Care and Control staff estimate this grant can help pay for surgeries for about 100 pets. Vouchers and surgeries remain available on a first-come, first-served basis until the grant funds run out. Applicants must be approved in advance, and all surgeries are done by the professional team at Samaritan Veterinary Center in Globe. Arrangements are made through Gila County Animal Care and Control - so no additional fees will be charged at the vet's office when you bring your pet for scheduled surgery. A few additional restrictions apply: dogs are cats that are pregnant, lactating or in heat are not eligible. Questions? call Gila County Animal Care and Control staff at 425-5882.

Buy Your AZ Pet Plate
And you can join ‘Arizona’s driving force’ in the battle against pet homelessness and euthanasia: upgrade your vehicle with Arizona’s Pet Friendly license plate. More than half (in fact, 68-percent) of every pet friendly license plate purchase funds no-cost or low-cost surgical sterilization of dogs and cats throughout Arizona. This four-color specialty plate features original artwork generously donated by Scottsdale artist Ron Burns, well known for his support of animal welfare. The plate’s tagline “Pets Enrich Our Lives” identifies you as part of the driving force in the battle against pet homelessness in Arizona.
Order your AZ Pet Plate at; for another $25 you may personalize your plate with a pet’s name or other word -- limited to five characters.