Fluent in Apache? We're Hiring!

Na'idziid hantáá shì¨ (Looking for a job?)

Kú nnáh!"  (Come here!)

Are you fluent in Apache and looking to give back to your community -- and get paid? Gila County Recorder’s Office wants to hire a Voter Outreach Assistant, a unique position allowing local travel. The new hire will work closely with the San Carlos, White Mountain and Tonto Apache Reservations, and other parts of Gila County as well, to register Gila County voters, answer questions and maintain voter records.
Depending on experience, salary ranges from $25,478-$44,586 -- and benefits include AZ State Retirement and insurance. Applicants must have a High School Diploma or GED, must speak and understand the Apache Language - and have a valid Arizona Driver’s License.
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or if you have questions,
email                employment@gilacountyaz.gov