Supervisors Approve County Budget

Supervisors Approve County Budget
No Tax Increase – 9 Years in a Row

Gila County’s Board of Supervisors on July 24 approved a budget for the year ahead, providing an array of essential services for residents – and for the ninth consecutive year, no property tax rate increase.
“I’m proud of what our departments accomplished preparing this budget,” said Gila County Manager James Menlove, “and I’d like to thank our Board of Supervisors for each of their involvement, financial oversight and guidance as county staff designed a budget that meets Gila County goals and objectives for Fiscal Year 2018-2019.”
“Approving the budget is a yearly deadline; managing that money efficiently is a daily, ongoing mission,” added Menlove. “Over the coming year our county budget team will continue to meet with elected officials and department heads to examine their priorities and keep budgeted projects on track – and keep our county operating efficiently.”
No full time positions (FTEs) were added this year, in fact an expected (and slight) decrease in county staff is among the ways Menlove and his team crafted a balanced budget. They accomplished this while maintaining essential services ranging from county law enforcement and judicial programs to landfills,  community services, roads, health services, emergency management, adult education – and so many more. Review this year’s budget