Gila County Supervisor Martin Leads National Discussions on Public Lands Policies

DAVIDSON COUNTY, TN (July 20, 2018) – Gila County Supervisor Tommie Cline Martin chaired two influential committees during the National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference, held July 13-16, 2018 in Davidson County, Tennessee. 
At the conference, Supervisor Martin stated “It has been a real honor leading discussions of America’s public lands counties. Local officials see first-hand the damaging effects of federal policy on the environment, rural economies and our way of life.  By coming together, we can take to the halls of Congress common-sense policy recommendations to improve the management of public lands and promote economic opportunity for our constituents in rural areas.”
“I am very grateful for Supervisor Martin’s hard work and leadership,” added Craig Sullivan, Executive Director of the Arizona County Supervisors Association.  “She has earned the trust of her colleagues across the west and has greatly elevated Arizona’s influence in the national dialogue around public lands policy.”
For the third year in a row, NACo’s leadership tapped Supervisor Martin to lead the association’s Public Lands Steering Committee.  The 82 member committee of influential county officials works to craft consensus land management and revenue-sharing policy initiatives to submit for consideration by federal agencies and the United States Congress.  During the NACo Annual Conference, the committee approved 23 proposals, including federal policy recommendations that seek to accomplish following:
• Require state and local approval of any future national monument designations made pursuant to the Antiquities Act.
• Allow the use of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds for pre-disaster and flood mitigation grants to be used for forest thinning and restoration activities, which will help reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires and subsequent post-fire flooding.
• Allow for public/private partnerships to attract investment intended to increase recreational and job opportunities on public lands. 
• Modernize the federal Endangered Species Act to balance species sustainability with protection of private property rights.
• Streamline permitting and provide federal funding for timely, forest restoration to mitigate the threat of future catastrophic crown fires in forested areas. 
Also during the Conference, Supervisor Martin, who was recently elected President of the Western Interstate Region (WIR), chaired the group’s deliberations for the first time. WIR is a coalition of fifteen western states