County Attorney's Officer of the Quarter

Officer of the Quarter May 22, 2012
From left to right: Gila County Attorney Daisy Flores, City of Globe Police Sergeant Steve Shaw, Jean Shaw, William Shaw and City of Globe Police Chief Lee Kinnard. Photo Credit: Sharon Listiak

Four times each year, the Gila County Attorney’s Office recognizes a member of the Gila County Law Enforcement community for his/her superior service in the prosecution of criminal matters.  The County Attorney reviews numerous recommendations, but selects the officer who at the time best illustrates an exemplary attitude and work ethic.

Gila County Attorney Daisy Flores has announced her office has recognized Globe Police Department Sergeant Steve Shaw for the Gila County Attorney’s Office Officer of the Quarter Award.  The Officer of the Quarter award was presented to Sergeant Shaw on May 22, 2012, during the Gila County Board of Supervisors’ meeting in appreciation of his years of service, professional attitude, outstanding criminal investigations, assistance to the County Attorney’s Office, willingness to get the job done, and his community service.

Sergeant Shaw has been with the Globe Police Department for almost twenty years.  He began his career with the department as a police reserve officer and was then hired in a full-time position a short time later.  Sergeant Shaw has been a detective, agent with the Gila County Narcotics Task Force Supervisor, patrol sergeant and currently the detective sergeant.  Sergeant Shaw also has many special duties, some of which are HGN, DRE and Phlebotomy trainer/Coordinator, department and sometimes city IT person. 

Sergeant Shaw shows a true willingness to serve the citizens of our community. He has a reputation with the County Attorney’s Office of being honest, level headed, and dependable. With regard to all of his work, he is always polite and well prepared.  He has a good sense of humor but also understands the seriousness and importance of his work to the community and his service to victims of crime.  Sergeant Shaw writes thorough and excellent reports which contain the information necessary to make charging decisions.  He always has a good attitude and is always available when requested to testify or be interviewed on any of his cases. As the assigned detective for the Globe Police Department, he testifies regularly and is always prepared. He has testified more than 200 times at grand jury and for the court.  

 The Bank of the West in Central Heights robbery case is an excellent example of Sergeant Shaw’s work.  Sergeant Shaw was one of the first to respond and coordinated with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the F.B.I. during the on scene investigation to collect evidence and all pertinent information.  Sergeant Shaw continued to follow leads on this case and work with the F.B.I. in gathering intelligence.  On April 12, 2012, Sergeant Shaw in cooperation of F.B.I. Bank Robbery Task Force organized members of the Globe Police Department, Gila County Sheriff’s Department and Gila County Attorney’s Office for the execution of search and arrest warrants.  The execution of these warrants lead to the arrest of a primary suspect without incident.  The evidence and information gathered and Sergeant Shaw’s hard work and dedication this case will greatly assist in the successful prosecution. 

In a recent case, State v. Hernandez, Sergeant Shaw was the initial officer on the case and his attention to detail assisted in successfully convicting the defendant.  He spent hours outlining text messages where an adult female was luring a minor for sexual activity, and later comparing those text messages to the phone records.  During Sergeant Shaw’s testimony, he was well-prepared and an effective witness.

Younger officers have an excellent role model in Sergeant Shaw and should hope to achieve his level of competence and performance.  The citizens of Globe are well-served by Sergeant Shaw.  It is with great honor that the Gila County Attorney’s Office acknowledges Sergeant Shaw and we commend him for his hard work and dedication to our county.