BOS approves first landfill rate increase since 2008


Landfill ExpansionOn October 24, 2017, the Gila County Board of Supervisors approved the first rate increase since 2008 for the Recycling & Landfill Management Division. The effective date of the increase is December 1, 2017.

“We need to pay for what we’re doing today rather than leaving it to our children and grandchildren,” said Sharon Winters, Director of Recycling and Landfill Management for Gila County.

Pictured is Mark Gann, of Buckhead Mesa Landfill in Payson, in the area where Buckhead Mesa is set to be expanded. The expansion is one of the many necessary costs that the fee increase will help cover.

The minimum rate will increase to $7.50, up to 320 pounds. Over 320 pounds will be $7.50 plus $0.022255 cents per pound. Other rates are as follows:


Type of waste                          Current rates               New rates

Household Waste                    $39.41 per ton             $44.51 per ton

Construction/mixed                  $47.03 per ton               $53.12 per ton

Greenwaste                              $34.50 per ton             $34.50 per ton

Minimum charge                       $5 up to 240 lbs           $7.50 up to 320 lbs