BOS adopts FY 17-18 budget, keeps tax rates from increasing for the 8th year

On July 18, the Gila County Board of Supervisors adopted a Fiscal Year 2017-2018 budget that keeps County property tax rates from increasing for the 8th consecutive year.

“Amidst significant budgetary challenges for counties across the state and the nation, we’re proud of the work we’ve done to keep the primary property tax rate at $4.19,” says Board Chair Tommie Martin. This year’s budget process continued to improve on communication and transparency and identified areas for future improvement. Multiple public forums in Payson and Globe gave residents the opportunity to provide feedback before the budget was formally adopted

“The board directed staff to provide for a balanced budget that maintains public service levels,” explains District Three Supervisor Woody Cline. County staff prepared the budget following board direction to maintain public service levels in law enforcement, judicial, landfill, community services, criminal prosecution, roads, and health services.

“Although there was a decrease in property tax revenue overall, Gila County Government, not the residents, will absorb that impact” says District Two Supervisor Tim R. Humphrey.

In a presentation to the board, Gila County Finance’s Olivia Todd explained that of particular note is the fact that the budget is prepared according to the modified accrual basis of accounting, meaning it’s completely in-step with nationwide standards in government accounting. While the overall budget appears to show an increase, Todd explained that after factoring in the impact of these accounting changes, the budget actually has an overall decrease of 1.4%.

Todd also told the board that an informative and user-friendly budget book would be ready in early October.