(dateline  Jan. 6, 2016)   Northern Gila County Road Closures (editor's note: this is an archived page from 2016)

Editor's Note: this news was posted Jan. 6, 2016; and remains here as a public record, in accordance with Arizona public records law. 
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DATELINE JAN. 6,  2016

Globe, Arizona – Gila County’s Office of Emergency Management would like to share the most recent information on the current road conditions now that the first weather system of the three to pass through this week is complete.

The passing of the first weather system has created hazardous road conditions due to the amount of water flow on the following roads.  The road crossings on the East Verde River and Tonto Creek are currently affected.

  The current closures include:

  • A-Cross
  • Bar-X
  • Store-X, Store Crossing
  • The Tonto Basin Reno Creek Crossing (old 188)
  • The crossing into East Verde Estates
  • The crossing into Flowing Springs. 

Anyone traveling near the crossings should be mindful of rising water levels. Surrounding areas have experienced a significant amount of moisture last night through this morning. As this water travels downstream it will continue to affect creeks along the way causing slippery banks and water over the roadways.

Safety Precautions:

Do not try to cross a flowing stream on foot. You can be pushed over by flowing water only six inches deep! Do not drive through flooded areas. Floodwater can wash a vehicle from the roadway and the road under the water may no longer be intact. If you are driving, watch for flooded bridges and low areas in the road.