New Preparedness Website Keeps Gila Safe, Informed

                                                 August 25, 2015

                Globe, Arizona – Gila County’s Office of Health and Emergency Management has unveiled its newest tool for public preparedness: a county-wide website residents can access for all of their emergency information needs. The website can be found at is a portal for the most current information and alerts covering public health emergencies. If disaster strikes, it will help protect residents by arming them with information. Any Gila County resident can check the website for real-time status updates on infectious disease outbreaks, air quality, forest fires, weather-related emergencies, power outages, earthquakes, terror attacks, and many other disasters.

The website also provides Preparedness Checklists for a functional needs Ready Kit, specific plans for infants, children, seniors and pets, key communications notification systems, and a list of resources in the event of an emergency. Residents can access the site before the disaster to check on their preparation and familiarize themselves with these potentially life-saving resources.

“It is critical that our area residents have readily available the latest information for their safety and the well-being of their families,” said Michael O’Driscoll, director of Gila County Health and Emergency Management. “We believe that this website will help reduce misinformation and help answer residents’ questions as they arise. Above all, it will work to keep the County’s residents safe through prevention and preparedness.”