Officer Brandon Buckner received the Quarterly Officer Recognition Award from Bradley D. Beauchamp, Gila County Attorney

Officer of the Quarter

From left to right: Gila County Attorney Bradley D. Beauchamp, Payson Police Department Officer Brandon Buckner, Ninette Buckner, and Payson Police Chief Don Engler

Four times each year, the Gila County Attorney’s Office recognizes a member of the Gila County Law Enforcement community for his/her superior service in the prosecution of criminal matters.  The County Attorney reviews numerous recommendations, but selects the officer who at the time best illustrates an exemplary attitude and work ethic.  Gila County Attorney Bradley D. Beauchamp has announced his office recognized Payson Police Department Brandon Buckner as the Officer of the Quarter.  The Officer of the Quarter award was presented to Officer Buckner on November 19, 2013, during the Gila County Board of Supervisors’ meeting in appreciation of his service, professional attitude, and assistance to the County Attorney’s Office.

Officer Brandon Buckner was hired by the Payson Police Department on May 17, 2008. Officer Buckner has been a stellar employee and has made a tremendous positive impact on the community and the citizens he serves. He relates very well to the citizens he serves and has their best interest in mind. Officer Buckner is a local who grew up in the Payson community so he understands the people of the community and knows the needs of the community. Officer Buckner takes this understanding of the community and citizens and applies it to his daily work.

Officer Buckner has taken on many additional duties as a police officer including being assigned to the Special Response Team, the department armorer and a field training officer. Each of these specialty duties require additional time Officer Buckner contributes to the Payson Police Department.   As a Special Response Team member he takes on the responsibility of operating in the high risk environment responses to incidents such as barricaded subjects, high risk search warrant service, high risk vehicle stops and many more. As a department armorer, he is responsible for the maintenance of the department and officer’s weapons.  Officer Buckner has demonstrated his expertise as a police officer and a trainer in his work in providing field training to a fellow police officer. To be a field training officer you must be willing to coach, model and teach every possible aspect of the job of a police officer and Officer Buckner has excelled in his performance in this area as well.

Officer Buckner was nominated by several Gila County Attorney’s Office staff members and attorneys for the work he has done in several past cases. A recent trial with a defendant who represented himself proved to be a challenging case for Officer Buckner in many ways.  Officer Buckner’s excellent work ethic played a significant role in the defendant’s conviction.  Officer Buckner went above and beyond in his preparation for trial.  He wrote good, detailed reports that were accurate and contained the appropriate information necessary for prosecution. He had not just skimmed those reports in preparation for trial; it was apparent from his testimony that he had studied them and knew them well – never having to refer to them while testifying.  Further, he handled the cross-examination very well.  The defendant was quite hostile with Officer Buckner who maintained his composure throughout the trial, it is important to note that the incidents involved in this trial occurred in 2009.  Officer Buckner maintained his knowledge of this case and properly prepared for trial. Officer Buckner was willing to assist in any way with this case and his hard work should be recognized.

Congratulations, on behalf of the entire Gila County Attorney’s Office.  Officer Buckner is a valuable member and a credit to the Payson Police Department. He serves as an example for all law enforcement.  The residents of Gila County are fortunate to have him protecting our communities.