Bicycle Fire in Rye, Arizona

RYE, AZ (June 30, 2013) — On June 29, the Payson Fire Department, five Gila County fire districts, and the US Forest Service responded to a fire on private property at the All Bikes Sales, located off  Highway 87, about 10 miles south of Payson. The fire lasted approximately 12 hours, destroying five mobile homes and one shed. No injuries or deaths have been reported. The cause of the fire is being investigated and is yet undetermined. The fire departments prompt response enabled the team to save 10 homes.

The occupants of surrounding homes and others in the immediate area have been evacuated safely and are being provided care by the American Red Cross.

As of Sunday at noon, the fire has been contained and crews are in the process of reaching the last “hot spots.” Due to the amount of material in this area, smoldering is expected to continue for several days. Thus, residents of the area have been advised to exercise caution in returning to their homes and to report any reignition of flames or other adverse condition to the media contact listed below. Gila County Emergency Services is monitoring the situation and ensuring prompt return of safe conditions. The Gila County Sheriff’s Office is assisting with security and will notify residents when evacuation order is lifted.

Call the American Red Cross at 928-961-6956 or visit for help in contacting family or friends displaced by the fire.

Updates will be posted as more information becomes available on the Gila County website at

All media inquiries should be directed to Michael O’Driscoll, Director of Gila County Health and Emergency Services at 928-402-8767.