State Forester Issues Stage 2 Fire Restrictions On All State-Owned Lands Outside Incorporated Municipalities

PHOENIX, AZ (June 17, 2013) – Due to the continued elevated risk of wildfire in the State of Arizona,

State Forester Scott Hunt announced today that the Arizona State Forestry Division will be implementing Stage 2 fire restrictions on all State-owned and State-managed lands. The restrictions are effective June 19, 2013 at 0800 hrs and will continue until further notice.

These elevated fire restrictions are necessary due to existing very high to extreme fire danger to prevent human-caused wildfires and protect public health and safety. Contributing factors include high temperatures, low humidity, and persistently dry vegetation that provide optimal conditions for rapid spread of wildfire in the forests and deserts of Arizona.

“In the last month, there has been an increased incidence of human-caused wildfires throughout the State,” said State Forester Scott Hunt. “This year to date across all agencies, Arizona has experienced over 680 fires that burned a total of almost 40,000 acres. Following these fire restrictions will contribute to a safer fire season for firefighters as well as the citizens of Arizona.”

These fire restrictions cover all unincorporated State-owned and State-managed lands, including all State Trust lands, all Game and Fish Wildlife Areas, all Arizona State Parks (State Parks will remain open; please visit for more information on Arizona State Parks fire restrictions), and all Department of Transportation highway right-of-way property not owned by Federal land management agencies. State lands north of the Grand Canyon, currently not under fire restrictions, will be included in this restriction order.

For more information regarding fire restrictions, please visit the fire restrictions website at

Notice of Fire Restrictions may be found at

These restrictions are effective June 19, 2013 and will continue until rescinded.