Telephone Scam Reported by the Gila County Sheriff's Office

The Gila County Sheriff’s Office has been informed of a recent telephone scam in which a caller claiming to be associated with the Publisher Clearing House is notifying individuals by phone that they have won prize money. In order to claim the prize money the caller is requesting money. In one example, a request for $1,800 was made to receive a grand prize of $6,000,000.

Reports have indicated that the calls are showing up on caller ID with the Gila County Sheriff’s Office phone number.  A male identifying himself as Sheriff Shepherd may attempt to confirm that the prize money won is from the Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes. Please be cautious of any organization asking for money in exchange for prizes. Also, be aware that the Sheriff’s Office will not call and confirm prize winnings or request money to be turned over to someone on their behalf.

Do not release any personal information to the caller and if calls persist please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (928) 425-4449 or Toll Free at (800) 635-8017.