What We Do


As County Treasurer, I am also the Bank for the County. We maintain one checking account for all political sub-divisions. We keep separate accounts for the County, all school districts, accommodation school, special districts and trustee accounts.

As the bank, we track all deposits and expenditures. The last day of each month we give the cancelled checks (warrants) to the School Superintendent for all schools. All other cancelled checks go to the County Finance Department.

Our report would be similar to your bank statements. We do not pay bills. We function exactly like a bank.


When you vote on a bond issue and it is passed, the County Treasurer is the paying agent until retirement of the debt.

Bond indebtedness for Gila County schools and improvement districts for fiscal year 2006/2007 is $8,571,887.51.

A tax levy is set each year to meet the payment that is due on each bond issue. This is called a "Debt Service Account".

As Treasurer, we collect the taxes and pay the money due to the holder of the bonds.

We file reports with the Internal Revenue Service quarterly and annually on each bond issue.

On your tax bill if your district passed a bond, you will see it listed on your tax bill under "Debt Service."


As Treasurer and Banker, this office keeps track of each political sub-division´s budget. We can not purchase the checks they have written if they are spending over their adopted budget amounts.

We establish a line of credit for each political sub-division. Extensive monitoring is required and our servicing bank can grant the line of credit or can refuse same. Lines of credit have many restrictions as outlined in the Arizona Revised Statutes and by the Arizona banking regulations.

Prior to June 30th of each year, all lines of credit (a loan from the servicing bank) must be paid in full.


We answer approximately 10,000 letters yearly.

We send out delinquent letters four times a year on real property and two delinquent letters on unsecured personal property.  The item count is approximately 6,000 letters.

We place approximately 500 telephone calls each month.

About 25% of the calls are trying to find a good address on our return items.
             5%    calls on bad checks
           25%    calls to title companies
           20%    calls to other agencies
           25%    returning calls


Monies not needed in the daily operation of the political sub-divisions are invested.

Arizona Revised Statutes § 35-327 spell out exactly what investment are acceptable by law.  All investments must have proper and sufficient collateral.

Interest earned is distributed to the political sub-division based on the balance in their accounts.

Program Manager

As Treasurer and Bank for Gila County and all political sub-divisions, we do "cash management" for every department, keeping separate accounts for each fund within that department.

We are the managers of approximately one thousand accounts.

Regardless of the type of program a school district has, we deposit the funds, and when expenditures are made, we purchase the warrants (checks) from the bank. We reconcile each account daily.

Note: For the Globe Unified School District alone we maintain over seventy (70) accounts daily.

To name a few programs we maintain daily; Health, Housing, JP Surcharge, Bad Check,  Fire District Pension Fund, Capital Outlay, Insurance Fund, and many more.

As Tax Collector we collect taxes for Gila County, all school districts, all cities and towns, all fire departments, all improvement districts, and all debt service accounts.  We mail approximately 50,000 tax bills yearly. Our collection rate is 98%.

Tax Collector

As Tax Collector, we collect the amount of taxes that is billed to each property owner, real and unsecured.  Gila County has approximately 50,000 individual bills.

According to Arizona law, if taxes are not paid, we are required to offer at "public auction," a tax lien sale (the only meaning intended by the words "public auction" is that the sale should be a "public sale", that is conducted openly in the Treasurer´s Office in the presence and hearing of all persons in the office, not secret or collusively). Auctioneer Sold to the Highest Bidder A.R.S. 42-18112

The purchaser pays the amount of the delinquent taxes, including all interest, fees and penalties. I give him a tax lien. The lien is recorded.

In order to obtain a deed to the property, the lien holder must hold the tax lien for 3 years, then bring a foreclosure action in a court of competent jurisdiction in Gila County. A.R.S. 42-18203/18204. Any time during this three years the property owners have a right to redeem by paying to the Treasurer the total amount due. A.R.S. 42-18151 / 18153.