The Gila County School Superintendent's Office and Education Service Agency provide central administration and support to school districts throughout Gila County.

The County Superintendent is responsible for:

  • All special school elections.
  • Filling vacancies on the governing boards of school districts and Gila County Community College.
  • Reviewing and processing all expense and payroll vouchers for school districts.
  • Providing estimates of revenues in order to help determine local property tax rates for school districts.
  • Maintaining affidavits for home schooled students.
  • Assisting school districts in complying with state and federal statutes and regulations.
  • Educating students being held in county detention facilities.
  • Recording of teacher certifications.
  • Maintaining official school district boundary maps.
  • Assisting school districts with the legislative process.

The Gila County Education Service Agency, under the direction of the County Superintendent, provides the following services in addition to the above listed services:

  • Providing professional development for teachers seeking to increase content knowledge and improve instructional practices.
  • Providing workshops for administrators and school officials on finance, business administration and legal issues.
  • Supporting increased use of technology for classroom instruction, collaboration and communication.
  • Supporting schools in improving the academic achievement of all students.
  • Assisting schools meet diverse educational needs and circumstances.
  • Writing and administering grants.
  • Developing and facilitating consortia and partnerships that support the attainment of educational excellence for all students.