Gila County School Superintendent

The County School Superintendent's Office is authorized by the Constitution of the State of Arizona. The County Superintendent is elected for a four-year term on a partisan ticket. A current teaching certificate is required to hold the office.

By statute, the County School Superintendent's responsibilities include fiscal services for school districts; overseeing special school elections; appointing board members to vacancies on public school and community college governing boards; serving as superintendent of county accommodation schools; and establishing and administering service programs as requested by school districts.

The staff of the Gila County School Superintendent's Office is committed to providing quality customer service to the school districts as well as promoting quality education in Gila County. In addition, the County Schools Office remains open to the interests and concerns of Gila County educators, administrators, students, parents, and constituents.

Teacher of the Year
2020-2021 Gila County Teacher of the Year
AMANDA MOWREY from Globe High School
GCTY 1 (003)

Amanda Mowrey is a Globe, Arizona native who graduated from Globe High School (GHS) in 2008. From there, she initiated her academic career at Eastern Arizona College, earning an AA degree in Liberal Studies and a BA degree at Truman State University in Romance Languages with a concentration in Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Later, she volunteered intermittently as a language teacher for 5 years in Sao Tome, Africa, and various states in Mexico. While in Mexico, she was honored as a National Council of Science & Technology Scholar (CONACYT – acronym in Spanish) and offered a place in the Universidad Autonoma de Chiapa’s MA in Language Teaching program where she created a curriculum proposal for the university’s Spanish teacher formation courses that was accepted. Upon completion of the program, she then returned to GHS as a teacher. Her most recent accomplishments within the school are developing various level Spanish language courses for Globe’s students, offering her students cultural exposure through national and international trips, and being nominated as Teacher of the Month and Gila County Teacher of the Year. Her favorite part about being an educator is the challenge of being presented with potential, giving the students the tools to succeed with a little guidance, and then letting the students surprise her with the distances they go.  

Current News:

GED/PEARSON Testing Sites open in Payson and Globe!  

Gila County GED/Pearson Vue Testing Centers is committed to providing access for all individuals with disabilities.  The purpose of test accommodations is to provide candidates with full access to the test.  We offer all types of accommodations:

  • Learning & Cognitive Disorders
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Psychological and Psychiatric Disorders
  • Physical Disabilities & Chronic Health Conditions. 

All of which cover a wide variety of accommodations.  To understand if a accommodation is needed visit:

Pine Strawberry Elem. School District Board Vacancy   
ARSA Superintendent's Round Table   

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