Gila County Regional School District #49

The Gila County Regional School District is an accommodation school district established by the Gila County School Superintendent’s Office in 2005. The district was established in response to the need for an educational option for drop-outs and students who were court-involved, had been suspended or expelled, or who had not been successful in the local schools. A detention school on the San Carlos Indian Reservation, the BiyaaGozhoo Education Center, was opened during the 08-09 school year. 

The Mission of the schools is: “To provide a dynamic learning environment that addresses the individualized needs of at-risk or otherwise disengaged students and supports and celebrates the development and attainment of academic, personal and social skills and readiness for the workplace and/or postsecondary education through non-traditional means and in collaboration with parents, community partners, and other service providers.”  

FY 2019 Budget  

FY 2019 Budget Worksheet

FY 2019 Adopted Budget

FY 2019 Adopted Budget Worksheet

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BiyaaGozhoo Education Center
San Carlos Adult / Juvenile Rehabilitation and Detention Center
Indian Rt 6 Milepost 10.5
San Carlos, AZ 85550
(928) 475-4060