GIS Data Requests

Gila County maintains a number of GIS data sets that have relevance to public programs. At this time some data sets (parcels for instance) are still undergoing conversion from paper to digital form so are not available.

All spatial data products released through the GIS department are provided with the understanding that they are REPRESENTATIONAL in scope. If you need a product that is legally binding in some fashion then consult the appropriate profession that can make authoritative claims. Individuals such as Professional Land Surveyors and Engineers licensed by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration can create legal products. ARS 34-178 limits the liability of Gila County for problems found within the various data sets.

There may be additional fees depending on the nature of the work to be completed. For example printed maps or data copied to CD/DVD. The additional fees can be found at the bottom of this page.

ARS 39-121.03 requires the County to recover a portion of the costs associated with the data if it is going to be used in a commercial fashion where a profit is expected. County Records Request forms can be found here

 Data Set  Data Origin  Complete  ESRI REST  Price  Notes:
       (Note 1)    
 County Boundary  Census Y Y $0.00  
 Incorporated Areas 2012  Census Y Y $0.00  
 Road Network (PW)  Public Works Y N $25.00  2
 Road Network (RA)  Rural Addressing Y N $75.00 3
 Parcels (APN only)  Public Works / Assessor N Y ? 4
 Parcels (Basic Owner info)  Public Works / Assessor N N ? 4
 Parcels (Advanced Owner Data)  Public Works / Assessor N N ? 4
 Parcels (Custom Data)  Public Works / Assessor N N ? 4
 Imagery  Various Y/N N see note 5
 Floodplain Data - FEMA   Y Y ? 6


1. Once the new ESRI ArcGIS Server comes online, select data sets will be able to be remotely accessed via an online interface. See ESRI ArcGIS Server Help for details
2. The Public Works Road Network was designed for Highway reporting and road maintenance tasks so does NOT include address ranges. Besides the name, this data set includes the community name.
3. The Rural Addressing Road Network is designed to support addressing and 911 location functions. This data set includes address range information for the left and right sides of the street segment.

The Parcels dataset can be requested in several forms:

  • APN Only - The parcel number and a link to the County Parcel Search web page are provided. The end user will be responsible to identify and link additional data sets within their software
  • Basic Owner - APN plus the fields exposed by the County Parcel Search web page
  • Advanced Owner - Basic Owner plus additional requested information
  • Custom - Contact the GIS Department or the Assessor's Office to discuss your needs.
5. Since the County is predominately Forest or Tribal Land Ownership, the County generally only collects imagery for populated pockets of private land ownership where we have authority and project need. The non-populated sections of the County are provided by other sources such as the Federal NAIP program.

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 Additional Fees:   Cost
 Project Setup:  $35 / hour
   Required when specific exhibits requested. For example the time to set up a custom parcel map with aerial imagery incorporated. This fee does NOT include the cost of printed output.  
 Digital Media:   
   Create CD/DVD  $ 5.00
   Mail CD/DVD  $ 7.50
   Compress and upload to FTP site - County or Customer  $ 5.00
   Create Adobe PDF of Project and email (provided total  attachment size remains below 2 meg)  $ 2.00
 Printed Media:  
   Letter - 8.5" x 11" - Black & White  $0.25
   Letter - 8.5" x 11" - Color  $0.35
   Legal - 8.5" x 14" - Black & White  $0.25
   Legal - 8.5" x 14" - Color  $0.35
   Tabloid - 11" x 17" - Black & White  $1.25
   Tabloid - 11" x 17" - Color  $1.25
   Arch B - 18" x 24" - Black & White  $2.50
   Arch B - 18" x 24" - Color  $15.00
   Arch C - 24" x 36" - Black & White  $5.00
   Arch C - 24" x 36" - Color  $30.00
   Arch D - 36" x 48" - Black & White  $10.00
   Arch D - 36" x 48" - Color  $60.00
   Custom - 36" x ??" - $5.00 per square foot of printed/plotted area  Varies


Thomas Homan
Gila County Public Works
GIS Systems Supervisor
745 N Rose Mofford Lane
Globe, AZ 85501