Flood Insurance

Gila County works with you to minimize risks when building in floodplain areas, to thereby make sure that flood insurance is available to all residents of Gila County.  However, according to federal guidelines, the County does not have any involvement in insurance rates, interpretation of flood maps, corrections to mapping errors, or certification of floor elevations (except that Elevation Certificates are required in conjunction with permits for buildings to certify that floors are constructed at the proper elevation to meet permit requirements).


For more information, please click on the following links:

Flood insurance fact sheet


National Flood Insurance Program Information

Wildfire Alert: 

  • If you live downstream of a burned area, there is a greatly increased risk of flooding since more rainfall runs off of a burned area than from an unburned area.  Additionally, the runoff carries large amounts of sediment once the vegetation is burned.  Areas which were considered slight or no flood risks before the fire could have a large risk of flooding after a wildfire.  A home is the largest investment many people have.  PLEASE PROTECT THE INVESTMENT IN YOUR HOME BY PURCHASING FLOOD INSURANCE NOW.
  • As of July 6, 2012,  FEMA now has an exception to the 30-day waiting period before a flood insurance claim can be made after purchasing a new flood insurance policy.  If a valid flood insurance claim is made, and the flooding is made worse by post-wildfire conditions on federal lands, a claim may be approved within the normal 30-day waiting period, if certain criteria are met.  Click here for information which FEMA sent to insurers with details about this new exception.


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