Daily Precipitation Summary by Gage

Daily Precipitation
for Current Calendar Year

Gage Number

Gage Description 
 51  Upper Deer Creek (FTP Link)
 60  Rock Creek (FTP Link)
 80  Hardt Creek (FTP Link)
 81  Roosevelt Fire Station (FTP Link)
 88   Mt. Ord (FTP Link)
 90  Strawberry Creek (FTP Link)
 92  Little Pine Flat (FTP Link)
 900  Globe Courthouse (FTP Link)
 910  Pinal Creek Beer Tree Crossing (FTP Link)
 920  Pinal Creek Guzman Crossing (FTP Link)
 930  Deer Creek Shake Ridge (FTP Link)
 931  Upper Rye Creek (FTP Link)
 934  Rye Creek at SR-87 (FTP Link)
 950  Star Valley-Gila County Yard (FTP Link)
 960  Superstition (FTP Link)
 970  Pine Creek Canyon (FTP Link)
 980  Young (FTP Link)
 3900  Houston Creek (FTP Link)
 3901  Tonto Creek at Kohl's Ranch (FTP Link)
 3910  Christopher Creek (FTP Link)
 3950  Diamond Point (FTP Link)
(Missing Data does not imply no precipitation.  Data is preliminary.  Gila County is not responsible for the accuracy of this data, or the consequences of any use thereof.)

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