Consolidated Roads

Responsible for the improvement and maintenance of the County Maintained Roadway System.  Its primary function is to provide a safe and accessible roadway system to move citizens and commodities in and around the County.  The division assists other agencies in responding to emergencies such as fires and floods. 


 Blading Maintenance Database
Blading schedule for County Maintained Dirt Roads
Gila County Maintained Road Atlas
Atlas PDF Document

Brent Cline, Roads Manager
745 N Rose Mofford Way
Globe, AZ  85501
Office: 928-402-8526

Star Valley Maintenance Yard
Danny Savage
5320 E Highway 260, Star Valley
Office: 928-474-2553

Globe Maintenance Yard
Ruben Casillas
1001 W Besich Blvd., Globe
Office:  928-402-8532