Adopt a Road Program

The Adopt-a-Road program offers several benefits to its communities.

It provides a clean environment, gives civic pride to the community, serves as a reminder not to litter and saves tax-payers money.

Adopt-a-Road is a program where groups volunteer to pick up litter off of Gila County’s Roadway System.

The Adopt-a-Road program is a national litter awareness program.  This gives Gila County residents an opportunity to participate in removing litter and save tax-payers money.

Gila County is happy to sponsor this program and get as many residents involved who want to volunteer. 

Volunteers may include civic, community, church and business groups and even families.


What Gila County Provides to Volunteers


-          Erect signs identifying the name of the organization

-          Provide safety training for organization coordinators

-          Supply litter bags

-          Waive landfill fee for disposal of litter bags or bags may be brought to the dumpster at the Gila 
           County Courthouse

-          Send new organizations Certification of Adoption

-          Supply safety vests

-          Include approved areas in the program based on safety considerations

-          Include traffic volumes, speeds, curves, and number of intersections

-          Recycling opportunities available for groups who wish to use them


What a Volunteer Must Provide


-          Complete an Adopt-A-Road application and waiver form signed by each person participating in the
           pickup event

-          A two year commitment to pick up litter along a designated stretch of highway

-          A commitment to pick up litter at least two times a year

-          Hold a safety briefing before picking-up litter

-          Schedule the date and time of each pickup through a County contact

-          Designate a member as a coordinator

-          Return to the County a postcard, note, and/or e-mail which indicates the hours worked, the
           number of participants, and the bags of trash removed


Safety Rules for Volunteers


-          Carpool to work site and keep vehicles off the travelway and shoulder of the road

-          Make sure workers wear safety vests provided by the County

-          Face oncoming traffic

-          Avoid overexertion

-          Stop work in inclement weather

-          Do not remove hazardous substances

-          Avoid contact with noxious weeds and areas where herbicides have been applied

-          Do not pick up items on bridges or on the pavement

-          Do not bring children under the age of 12 to the Adopt-a-Road area

 GilaCountyAdopt-A-Road Waiver Form