Office of Vital Records

The Gila County Office of Vital Records is responsible for maintaining and issuing certified copies of vital records, including birth, death, and fetal death certificates that occured in Gila County. 

 announcement - Copy Effective October 2nd, 2017, the D.A.V.E. system was implemented for hospitals, funeral home staff and physicians to process death records. Need help or info about D.A.V.E.? Call the help desk at (602) 364-2230.

For more information please visit the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) website.

The Gila County Office of Vital Records provides the following services:

  - Birth Certificates
  - Death Certificates
  - Death Amendments & Corrections
  - Corrections to a Birth Certificate
  - Amend Registrants Name on Birth Certificate
  - Amend Parent(s) name on Birth Certificate

Additional Information

For adoption information please visit the ADHS website. 

Processing Birth Certificate Amendments is available through Gila County Office of Vital Records. You may stop by our offices or visit the ADHS website for more information.

Deaths that occured from 1870-1966 and Births that occurred from 1855-1941 may be located at Arizona Genealogy website. 

Online Ordering

You may now process online requests through ADHS, who has partnered with an independent company to provide you this service; 
VitalChek Network, Inc. Please click here if you would like to order your certificate(s) online.

Schedule of Fees

Click here to view the schedule of fees for Gila County's Office of Vital Records.

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If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us.

 Gila County Office of Vital Records
5515 S. Apache Ave., Ste 100
Globe, AZ 85501
P: (928) 402-8806
F: (928) 425-8817

For more information regarding Vital Records in the State of Arizona, please visit the Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of Vital Records.