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Press Release
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Current Vaccination Groups: 
The image below will show where we are currently at in each phase and which groups. We will update the highlighted groups as we move through each phase. 


COVID-19 vaccination information

The FDA has approved the emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccination. The Gila County Health and EM COVID response team is working with local health agencies and personnel to ensure proper distribution. You can find our prioritization plan below:


Frequently Asked Questions:

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You can find more information on the Coronavirus vaccinations by visiting the following links below: 


Provider education and reference materials:

Moderna Vaccine provider Fact Sheet:

Pfizer-BionTech COVID-19 provider Fact Sheet:

Patient education and reference materials: 

Moderna Vaccine recipients Fact Sheet: 

Pfizer-BionTech COVID-19 patient Fact Sheet: 

COVID-19 Vaccination what to expect after?

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What is V Safe?

You will receive a card, from the provider administering your first vaccination dose  and when to get your second. That card will be kept with you for your records. 
You can also sign up with V-Safe and get the reminder on your phone. 
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