Commodity Supplumental Food Program (CSFP)

CommodityCSFP (Food Plus program) is a nutrition education program designed to improve the health and nutrition of senior citizens, pregnant and postpartum women and children who are not eligible for WIC.  Participants receive a box of food commodities monthly to provide nutrients that the participants might not otherwise receive.

Food boxes contain:
• Canned fruit juice, fruit and vegetables
• Meat, tuna, dried beans or peanut butter
• Cereal, macaroni or rice
• Evaporated or dried milk
•  2 pounds of cheese

• Pregnant women & new mothers who do not qualify for WIC
• Children up to 6 years old
• Seniors 60 and over

    • Senior Income Guidelines
      All eligible participants must meet the following income guidelines:
 Family Size:    Monthly Income: 
          1           $1,211
          2           $1,640
          3           $2,069
          4           $2,498

For further information on this program or to enroll in this program, contact your local WIC office:


 Globe: Payson:
Gila County Health Department
5515 South Apache Avenue, Suite 700     
Globe, AZ  85501
Phone:  (928) 402-4306 
Gila County Health Department
107 W. Frontier Street,Suite A
Payson, AZ  85541
Phone:  (928) 474-7181