Welcome to Gila County Procurement

The information on this page explains how vendors can do business with Gila County. We hope this information will help you understand the procedures of government procurement and the policies of the Gila County Procurement Department. We encourage the advancement of today’s purchasing technology, including on-line procurement.

How We Are Governed:
All procurement procedures are governed by the Arizona Revised Statutes which are regulated by the State Legislature and monitored by the Arizona Auditor General. Gila County purchasing procedures and policies are written in accordance with both state agencies’ direction and have been adopted by the Gila County Board of Supervisors.

How Purchasing Works:
Every effort is made to support local vendors. This practice keeps business, tax dollars, and sales tax in the County and is a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

Vendors are encouraged to approach the Procurement Department to present their merchandise and/or service. Please make an appointment prior to visiting to allow our busy schedule adequate time for your visit. Some departments within the County are authorized to procure certain products for their internal use. All vendors must make an appointment with the procurement department prior to visiting other departments. This policy permits us to keep abreast of products, pricing, and the various technologies being offered for procurement.

The need for items to be purchased is determined by the various departments of the County. Generally, an employee in that department is authorized by the department head to purchase consumables and some other items. Should the purchase exceed $500, a purchase requisition is written and routed to Procurement for approval of available funding, price, and vendor.
The resulting printed purchase order is returned to the vendor and originating department for placement of the order.

Sealed Bidding:

Items costing in excess of $50,000. must be procured using the sealed bidding process. Gila County advertises invitations to bid by advertising in the Arizona Silver Belt Newspaper.

Bid packages are dispensed by the Procurement Department to qualified vendors. The bid packages include specifications for both product and the sealed bidding procedure. A fee may be charged for bid plans/documents.