Indigent Burial Program

Indigent Burial Program Information

The Gila County Public Fiduciary handles the Indigent Burial Program for the County pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes, Section 11-251 Ã.  Burial assistance is provided to funeral homes for deceased individuals who are found to be financially indigent.  Eligibility requires that the individual and the family members do not have the ability to pay.  The criterion for eligibility used by the Public Fiduciary is the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  This benefit is available for all indigent deaths in the County regardless of permanent residency.  There is no fee, but the County reserves the right to file a lien on real property for repayment.

An application can be obtained after the death from any funeral home in Gila County.  The funeral director will contact the Public Fiduciary and forward the application for determination as to eligibility.