Initiative, Referendum and Recall

What is an INITIATIVE?

An initiative is any measure taken out by the people that proposes new laws or amends the Arizona Revised Statutes or the Arizona Constitution.
What is a REFERENDUM? A referendum is any measure, or item, section or part of any measure enacted by the Legislature during legislative session.  Arizona's registered voters may circulate a petition to refer to the voters a measure or part of a measure passed by the legislature.
What is a RECALL? A recall is when a political committee petitions the electors of the state, county, city/town, or district to demand an officer be recalled based on a statement of grounds by the committee.
  Application for Initiative or Referendum Serial Number
  Application for Recall Serial Number
  Petition for Initiative
  Petition for Recall
  Petition for Referendum
  Secretary of State Initiative, Referendum and Recall Handbook