Fill-In Forms


Gila County Divorce   Instructions and Flowchart  100 100
Cover Sheet  101 101
Summons  102 102
Preliminary Injunction  103 103
Confidential Sensitive Data   Form  104 104
Notice Regarding   Creditors  105 105
Notice of Your Rights About   Health Ins.  106 106
Petition for Dissolution of   Marriage  107 na
Petition for Dissolution of   Marriagewithchildren  na 108
Exhibit A-Property and   Debts  111 111
Notice of Parenting Class  na 112
Request   for Parenting Plan Mediation
(At any time, EITHER PARTY may “request” mediation)
na 119

PLUS if requesting Temporary Orders
Affidavit of Financial   Information  115 115
Motion for Temporary   Orders  116 116
Order to Appear; Temporary   Orders  117 117
Child Support Worksheet  na 118
Domestic Violence;   Protected Address
Request for Protected   Address  120-A 120-A
Order for Protected   Address  120-B 120-B
Serve Papers on   other party - for all divorces
Acceptance of Service to be   signed by other party  109 109
Service by law enforcement   officer or Licensed Process Server 109 109
Service by mail.  121 121

Decree forms
Application,   Affidavit and Entry of Default  110 110
Default Decree of Dissolution   of Marriage   122 na
Default Decree of Dissolution   of Marriage with children   na 123
Obligor   Information Sheet (if spousal maintenance)  127 127
Consent Decree  113 na
Consent Decree with children  na 114
Motion to Set Trial  126 126