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Gila County Juvenile Probation provides evidence-based probation services to the youth of Gila County with the philosophy that all children are capable of success. No exceptions! We believe in the Kids at Hope philosophy that all children are capable of achieving their own success. As adults we don’t control much of the risk that children experience but as adults we do control most of the hope. Our probation department has made the commitment to create a culture of hope for the youth and families we serve. In 1993, the Kids at Hope organization began a seven-year long research literature review to explore the question: Why do some children succeed and others fail? As a result of this interdisciplinary examination several profound recurring themes consistently appeared in the literature. The most prominent of those themes include:
  • Children who succeed seem to do so when they have people in their lives who believe they can succeed.
  • Children who succeed have meaningful relationships with caring adults. (Children who fail are disconnected from those meaningful relationships and grow up in our institutions, programs, services and activities anonymously.)
  • Children who succeed have multiple goals and an understanding that their futures must include contributions made in home and family; education and career; community and service; and hobbies and recreation.
  • Children who succeed are offered greater opportunities to develop their strengths rather than to correct their weaknesses
  • Children who succeed are nurtured by a culture that is focused on success and strengths.
The Gila County Probation Department is steadfast in our commitment to create a cultural framework of hope within our organization and we will continue to partner with Kids at Hope to provide the best possible services to our youth.


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