A dependency is a decision by the Juvenile Court that a child is in need of effective care and control and that all parents are unable or unwilling to provide proper care and control. Usually, Dependency Petition is filed by the state because concerns about abuse or neglect have been reported to Child Protective Services and there is evidence of immediate danger to the child(ren). The parents may disagree with you filing a Dependency Petition to obtain legal custody of their child(ren). You may file a dependency petition if you believe that there is no parent or guardian willing or able to provide proper care and control over a child.

Examples include:

  • child is abused or abandoned
  • child is neglected because parent or guardian abuses drugs or alcohol
  • parent or guardian is not able to meet the child's needs
  • parent or guardian is unable to provide the child with basic necessities such as suitable housing, food or necessary medical care

Dependency Petition may involve an investigation and report by CPS. It may also involve appointing attorneys for the parents and the child(ren), a temporary custody hearing, and possibly a pretrial conference and trial. If the Juvenile Court finds that the child is dependent because the parents are unable or unwilling to provide care, the court decides who will care for the child(ren). The Juvenile Court and CPS oversee the child(ren)'s care and services provided to the parents and the child(ren) in an effort to reunite the family.

A dependent child remains under the Court's control until the Court declares that a parent has become willing and able to provide proper parenting. An order of dependency from the Juvenile Court will last until the child turns 18 or the Court changes or dismisses the order of Dependency.


Please visit the CASA for the Arizona Court Appointed Special Advocate Website.


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