Traffic Citations

You Have Just Received A Traffic Citation

Be sure to read both sides of your traffic citation. It is important to know that you must respond to the court on or before the “Notice to Appear” date shown on the front of the citation. Failure to respond may result in a warrant for your arrest and/or suspension of your driver license and/or other penalties.

The following persons must appear on the “Notice to Appear” date shown on the citation.

  • Persons who were cited for a criminal or criminal traffic offense
  • Persons under the age of 18 (juveniles) must appear with a parent or guardian if cited for a moving violation, criminal, or criminal traffic offense
  • Regardless of the charge(s), persons who receive a citation in connection with a traffic accident involving a serious injury or death

If none of the conditions above apply to you, choose one of the following options in responding to your citation: Click on the following options for required forms and information.

OPTION 1:  If you are eligible, you may attend Defensive Driving School.
If you choose to attend defenseive driving school, and you are eligible to attend, do not pay your citation online. You can attend before your scheduled court date or you may request a one time extension to attend defensive driving school.
You can register over the phone and make arrangments to attend class ot one fo schools listed below you must attend an ARIZONA STATE CERTIFIED SCHOOL use the above link or call 1-888-334-5565

OPTION 2:  You may admit responsibility to the charge(s) on your citation and pay
                     the Bond/Penalty amount in person or by mail. If you can not pay the amount in full you may request to make installment payments.
                     Make your payment by visiting 
                    AZCOURTSPAY or
                    toll free at 1(855)436-6818
                    Payson Regional Court Bond/Fine Schedule                       
                    Star Valley Bond/Fine Schedule

Admit responsibility and pay the civil penalty.
1. You may pay the amount listed on the bond envelope and mail in your payment. Do not send cash through the mail
2. You may pay by Visa, Masercard, Discover by mail or phone a convenience fee is required.
3. You may appear on or before your scheduled court date and pay the civil penalty. The clerk will process your payment and provide you with a receipt.
4. You may appear on your scheduled court date to admit the violation with an explanation to the judge. The court will consider the explanation in determining the civil penalty.
5. If you are not able to pay fines in full you may request a payment plan to be set up by the court after review of your request. There is a one-time $20.00 time payment feed added to your total due.
All civil penalties are due on or before the scheduled court appearance.

OPTION 3:  You may post a bond and request a hearing be scheduled.
                     Payson Regional Court Bond/Fine Schedule                       
                     Star Valley Bond/Fine Schedule

Deny responsibility and request a hearing.
The officer who issued the citation will be subpoenaed to appear at hthe hearing.
1. You may request a hearing by mail by filling out the request card provided in the envlope.
2. You may appear on your scheduled court date and request a hearing
3. If you request a hearing you give up the right to attend defensive driving school
4. You may voluntarily post a deposit in the amount of the civil penalty to ensure your license is not suspended should you fail to appear for the hearing.
5. You may waive your rights to be present in person if it is a hardship for you to return to court but you must file a written request with the court.

NOTICE: An individual who commits a civil or criminal traffic violation resulting in death or serious physical injury is not eligible to attend a defensive driving school, except that the court may order the individual to attend a defensive driving school in addition to another sentence imposed by the court on an adjudication or admission of the traffic violation.


WARNING: To all persons under the age of 18. If one of your charges is a moving violation, you must appear in court with a parent or legal guardian. If you fail to appear for any court appearance or fail to comply with any court order, the court will direct MVD to suspend you driver license or driving privilege until you have satisfied the court order or until your 18th birthday.


RED LIGHT VIOLATIONS: A.R.S. § 28-645 OR § 28-647
If you are cited for either of these offenses and you are eligible, you may attend Defensive Driving School. If you are not eligible to attend Defensive Driving School, or if you choose not to attend Defensive Driving School and you are convicted of or enter a plea of responsible, the Motor Vehicle Division will send you a notice ordering you to attend and successfully complete Traffic Survival School.

INSURANCE VIOLATIONS: A.R.S. § 28-4135 (A),(B),(C)

If you had a valid policy on the date of violation, you may mail a photocopy of the insurance card for a dismissal of the charge(s).

If you did not have a valid policy on the date of violation the court MAY waive or reduce the penalty if you can show proof of BOTH:

1. The person has not been found responsible for a violation of section 28-4135 within the past twenty-four months or not more than one violation within the past thirty-six months as evidenced by the person's driving record.

2. The person has purchased a six month policy of insurance that meets the requirements of section 28-4009.

Criminal Traffic/Misdemeanor violations:

  1. Plead guilty If you choose to plead guilty, you are admitting that you committed the infraction for which you were ticketed.   Possible penalties include:
    • Points on your driving record
    • A fine
    • Suspension or restriction of your driving privileges
    • Jail (for some violations)
    • Community service
    • Court-ordered education classes

**You must be prepared to pay all fines in full on the date of your hearing. If you do not pay a fine the day of your hearing, the court will add a $20 time payment fee. The courts accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, checks and cash for payment. If you do not pay your fine in full, you must complete an application for a time payment order and show proof that you can not make payment.

    2. Plead not guilty This means that you are denying you committed the charge(s) against you. The Court will give you a trial or pre-trial date. If you choose this route, you have rights as a defendant. Click here for a list of your rights as criminal traffic defendant.

    3. Plead no contest Under this plea, you are neither admitting nor denying the charges against you and are telling the court that you do not intend to contest the charges. The penalty may be the same as a guilty plea. The judge may consider an explanation before imposing a fine or penalty. * Certain courts do allow defendants in some criminal and criminal traffic cases to enter pleas by mail or video link. If you want or need to use this option, you must call or write to the Justice Court as soon as possible after receiving your ticket.




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