Jury Duty

If summoned for jury service, you will serve as an officer of the court along with the judges and lawyers. Your service as a juror is important and it is your duty to do this honestly and conscientiously. Jury service and the right to a jury trial in a criminal proceeding is a fundamental duty and right of all United States Citizens.

Qualifications of Juror

  • Between 18 – 75 years of age
  • Citizen of the United States
  • Resident of the jurisdiction of the court you are summoned to serve
  • Never been convicted of a felony, unless your civil rights have been restored
  • Not currently found to be incompetent or mentally insane by a court of law

Eligibility Process of Qualified Jurors  

  • Random selection from Motor Vehicle Dept. and Voter Registration.
  • Questionnaire will be mailed with the jury summons bring this with you for court.
  • Summons To Appear if you fail to appear as ordered.

Reporting/Selection of Jurors

  • Jurors need to report to the assigned court facility with their summons.
  • If selected, you will sit on the jury until the end of trial. (usually one to two days in this Court)
  • If not selected, you will be excused at the end of the day and not eligible to be summoned again for a period of 1 year.
  • If selected, you will be paid round trip mileage from your residence to the court you are serving and $12 per day of attendance.
  • If not selected, you will be paid round trip mileage from your residence to the court you are serving.

 Excuses may include:
Possible grounds for excuse include: 

  • the person has a mental or physical condition that causes them to be incapable of performing jury service
  • jury service would substantially and materially affect the public interest, adversely
  • the person does not understand English
  • jury service would require the person to abandon someone under their care, because it is impossible for them to obtain substitute care
  • jury service would cause the person to incur costs that would have a substantial adverse impact on the payment of their necessary daily living expenses or on those for whom they provide regular employment support
  • jury service would result in illness or disease
  • the person is a certified peace officer employed by the state
  • jury service would cause undue or extreme hardship
  • the person has served as a juror in this state within the last two years
  • the person is at least 75 years of age (Documentation in support of the excuse is generally required)
  • the person has served on a grand jury in an Arizona state court within the last four years. (Does not apply to alternate grand jurors)

Dress Appropriately

  • Jurors are advised to dress in layers when reporting for jury duty.
  • Shorts and tank tops are not considered proper attire.

Failure to Appear
A juror who is summoned and who willfully and without reasonable excuse fails to appear for jury service may be found by the court to be in contempt and is subject to penalties provided by law. If you failed to appear on the dates summoned, write to the court you were assigned.


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