AZ TurboCourt

 AZTurboCourt is provided by Arizona Supreme Court to
assist you with completing the forms at a low cost.

The courts strongly encourages use of AZTurboCourt
system to accurately complete your forms. 

Click on an icon below to begin using the AZTurboCourt interactive forms feature
to assist you in completing Civil, Small Claims, and Eviction Action forms.
These documents are only to be filed into the Gila County Courts.

                AztcCivilSuits  AztcSmlClaims      AztcEviction
 Civil Lawsuits
Up to $10,000
 Small Claims      
Up to $2,500      
 Eviction Action


After you finish the questionnaire and review your answers, you will be asked to pay a convenience fee which can be paid using any of the following: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.  This fee is separate from any filing fees required by the Court. 


Read the Court Filing Rules & Terms and Conditions before
finishing your application process.


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