Passport Renewal

» Renewal for Adults

You can renew by mail if:

  • Your most recent passport is available to submit and it is not damaged

  • You received the passport within the past 15 years

  • You were over age 16 when it was issued

  • You still have the same name or can legally document your name change

» Renewal by Mail

  • Use the DS-82 Renewal Application form to renew your passport by mail

  • To write to our office for the application, send a request including a stamped, self-addressed envelope to our Globe Office:   Gila County Clerk of the Superior Court, 1400 E. Ash St., Globe, AZ  85501

  • You may pick up the DS-82 form at either our Globe or Payson office

  • The DS-82 form may also be downloaded from

  • If your passport has been altered or damaged, you cannot apply by mail, you must apply in person

» Renewal in Person

  • Renewals in person are made using the DS-11 standard form

  • Please bring your passport, one new photo, and your current ID 

  • Fees for renewals in person are the same as for first time applicants

  • You may visit the website for further information on passport renewal

» Renewal for Minors

  • A person who obtained a passport as a minor, but is now an adult must apply in person for a new passport.

  • A person who obtained a passport as a minor and is still a minor after the passport’s five-year expiration, may not renew their passport. They must apply for a new passport. If they are under 16 years old, they must also have their birth certificate showing both parent's names.

  • Parents/guardians are advised to visit for detailed information regarding the passport application process for a minor child.

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