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                                        Anita Escobedo  
                                    Anita Escobedo   
                                 Jury Commissioner                                 

In Arizona's rural counties, Clerks of the Superior Court serve statutory duty as the Jury Commissioner for their counties. The Gila County Jury Commissioner provides the Superior Court and Justice Courts with a sufficient number of qualified jurors. These jurors serve both civil and criminal trials, as well as serving as Grand Jurors.

If summoned for jury service, you will serve as an officer of the court along with the judges and attorneys. Your service as a juror is important and it is your duty to do this honestly and conscientiously. Jury service and the right to a jury trial in a criminal proceeding are a fundamental duty and right of all United States Citizens. 

Associate Jury Commissioner

The Associate Jury Commissioner is responsible for all Jury Management for the Superior Court of Gila County.  This includes processing of questionnaires, determining juror qualification and eligibility, and processing requests for excuse or postponement from jury service.  The Associate Jury Commissioner also does all summons processing for Superior Court Jury Trials as well as for Grand Jury.  However, the Jury Commissioner has the final authority in all jury related matters.
If you have questions related to jury service, please feel free to contact us at:   
lromiti@courts.az.gov; (928) 402-8558 or (800) 304-4452, extension 8558
Gila County Jury Line:  (928) 402-8500 or (800) 304-4452, extension 8500
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