Request for Excuse/Postponement from Jury Service


  • Jurors who are 75 years or older may opt out of jury service simply for age. These jurors may choose to be temporarily or permanently excused.
  • Jurors who have a medical condition that would make it difficult or impossible for them to participate in jury duty will need to provide the Jury Office with a REQUEST FOR MEDICAL EXCUSE FROM JURY SERVICE FORM completed by their Physician, Physician Assistant, RNP or professional caregiver.
  • Jurors who participate in the full jury selection process are eligible for a two (2) year exemption from jury service from the date of the last appearance.

  • Jurors who have served as a sworn juror on a Grand Jury in an Arizona state court (including county jurisdictions, but excluding Federal Grand Jury) are eligible for a four (4) year exemption from jury service from the date of the last appearance. (DOES NOT APPLY TO ALTERNATE JURORS).
NOTE:  It is extremely rare for a juror to be granted an excuse for other reasons.  However, if you would like to be considered for an excuse from jury service, you will need to provide a written statement indicating the reason you feel you should be excused along with documentation to support your request.  Your request will then be viewed by the Associate Jury Commissioner and, if necessary, the Jury Commissioner.  In most cases, the juror will be required to appear for jury selection and explain to the court why they are unable to serve.

Postponement of Jury Service

  • If you have a reason to have your jury service postponed, contact the Associate Jury Commissioner at (928) 402-8558 or (800) 304-4452, extension 8558.  Please call prior to your appearance date.
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