Gila County Strategic Plan

The Gila County Board of Supervisors, Elected Officials and Appointed Department Heads are committed to developing, implementing and maintaining a Strategic Plan which serves three (3) Objectives:

  1. Set priorities for the annual budget process.
  2. Provide a continuous five (5) year strategic direction for Gila County.
    Down our most recent revision, completed during 2019 
  3. Encourage collaboration and cooperation across the entire county governmental structure.

The Plan identifies a county wide Goal for each of seven (7) Focus Areas as follows:

  1. To maintain and enhance our Financial Sustainability.
  2. To improve our commitment to Organizational Development by supporting the highest level of management principles and practices.
  3. To provide a safe and Secure Workplace environment for employees and residents.
  4. To ensure a Healthy Environment within Gila County and promote healthy lifestyles for residents.
  5. To guarantee that Gila County is a Safe County in which visitors, businesses and residents can live, work and play.
  6. To foster a comprehensive county wide commitment to superior Communications to our tax payers, citizens and visitors as well as our employees and contractors.
  7. To support economic expansion, growth and diversification so that Gila County is recognized as place of Economic Opportunity.

Each of the seven (7) Goals is supported by Key Initiatives listed in priority order and assigned to specific Elected Officials and Appointed Department Heads with the anticipated time frame for accomplishment.