County Manager's Offices

The County Manager oversees all county departments and manages the day to day
operations of the county. As the administrative face of the county, the county manager
reports to elected officials as well as members of the public with concerns about county
policies and activities. The County Manager is appointed by the Board of Supervisors
and serves at their pleasure.

Other responsibilities of the County Manager:

  - Supervising the conduct of county employees
  - Appointing and removing county employees Implementation and administration of county policies, ordinances, and resolutions
  - Preparing an annual budget
  - Informing the Board of Supervisors about operational and financial matters of the county and maintaining accurate records reflecting its financial affairs
  - Examining the accounts and records of county departments
  - Supervising the performance of contracts
  - Regulating purchases of county supplies and materials
  - Regularly attend statewide meetings to represent Gila County
  - Understand new state, federal laws and regulations and how they will impact county services, such as public  health, human services and public safety
 - Work closely with local cities, towns, State, and Federal agencies on projects important to Gila County
 - Utilize and assists partner organizations and serve on various boards and committees of these organizations, including involvement in ongoing projects that will benefit our citizens