Victim Compensation

If you are a victim of a violent crime or the next of kin of a victim who has died as the result of a criminal act, you may apply to Gila County's Crime Victim Compensation Board to recover certain expenses. This money comes from surcharges and penalties that are paid by criminals. Victims may apply to recoup losses paid for:

  • Medical or Dental expenses
  • Mental Health counseling
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Lost wages
  • Crime scene clean-up

Arizona, like every state, administers a crime victim compensation program that provides financial assistance to victims of both federal and state crimes. Gila County's Crime Victim Compensation Board determines awards through an application process. Each Board is comprised of appointed volunteers selected from citizens of the respective county.

The Crime Victim Compensation Board does not compensate for loss of property or property damage. There are conditions which must be met to be eligible for compensation and eligibility does not guarantee an award. Upon Board approval, an innocent victim or a secondary victim (a person who is effected by the crime) may receive compensation. The maximum award of any single claim is $20,000.00. 

For more information on please review the guidelines for eligibility and covered expenses at the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission web site or click on one of the links below.


 Victim Compensation Eligibility

 Victim Compensation Application





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