Diversion/Deferred FAQ's

How long does the Diversion and Deferred Prosecution Programs last?
The programs are set up to last two years.  They may be completed after one year if all terms are satisfied.  Most participants complete the program in one year to eighteen months. 

How many people are on the Diversion and Deferred Prosecution Programs?
The numbers fluctuate, but normally there are over 300 people in the programs at any given time, with the majority being on Diversion.

How much are the program fees?
The program fee is $1,500.00 for drug-related offenses and $1,000.00 for non-drug offenses.  Restitution to victims is in addition to those fees.  Fees may be paid by monthly installments.

What types of offenses qualify for the program?
Almost any type of first time felony offense will qualify, with the exception of major drug crimes, violent crimes or crimes involving the use of a weapon. 

What happens to those who don’t complete the programs successfully?
In Diversion cases, the charges are filed and the court process begins. In Deferred cases, the prosecution resumes in Superior Court.