Civil Division

The Civil Division of the Gila County Attorney´s Office provides advice and defense to Gila County elected officials and county departments.  The county attorney´s office cannot give advice to or represent any private individual or entity.  The civil division provides advice to county officers on matters relating to the duties of their office.  The division acts as the legal advisor to the Gila County Board of Supervisors and attends their meetings.  It represents the elected offices of the Gila County Assessor, Gila County Treasurer, Gila County Superintendent of Schools, Gila County Sheriff, and Gila County Recorder. It also advises and represents the county´s administrative offices such as the community development department, engineering department, health department, public works administration, human resources office, and finance department.
The Civil Division of the Gila County Attorney’s Office also represents the school districts in Gila County and the Gila Community College District.  Additionally, the civil division represents Gila County fire districts.  The Gila County Attorney only represents other special taxing districts when members of the Gila County Board of Supervisors are officers or board members of the special taxing district.  Hence, the Gila County Attorney does not represent domestic water improvement districts and other special taxing districts that elect their own boards.

The Gila County Attorney´s advice consists of written legal opinions, review of real estate documents, draft and review of intergovernmental agreements, draft and review of resolutions and ordinances, review of public bidding and grant documents, review of franchise agreements for public services corporations for delivery of gas, telephone, and cable television services, advice regarding conduct of federal and local elections, interpretation and application of zoning rules in the unincorporated areas, review of financial assurances and review of subdivisions. 
In addition to legal advice, the Civil Division of the Gila County Attorney´s Office also represents Gila County government in litigation and contested administrative matters.  The office has represented Gila County defendants in the Superior Court, U.S. District Court, Arizona Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Court of Appeals.  The office also prosecutes cases before the Gila County Personnel Commission.

Pursuant to statute, the Civil Division of the Gila County Attorney’s Office also represents mental health treatment agencies that seek court ordered treatment for residents with qualifying mental health disorders.

The Civil Division also seeks asset forfeiture for all Gila County law enforcement agencies.  Through asset forfeiture the office seeks to deter criminals by retaining the money and property criminals acquire through racketeering crimes.  Racketeering offenses include drug offenses for financial gain, but they also include thefts, burglaries, and other crimes committed by organized crime syndicates.  The office has been able to seize and retain cash, vehicles, weapons, and computer equipment.  These items are then allocated to the law enforcement agencies that use them to become more effective in their anti-racketeering activities.  The seized money is then used for salaries of drug enforcement officers, equipment, and training to help develop more knowledgeable and effective law enforcement officers.