Child Support FAQ's

The Child Support Enforcement Division of the Gila County Attorney’s Office represents the State of Arizona by assisting parties in the establishment of paternity, establishment of support orders, enforcement, modification and termination of existing child support orders.


It is our goal to respond to the customer within 24 hours on regular business days. Customers are always welcome to stop by our office, but an appointment is recommended. Customers can make an appointment with their caseworker by contacting the child support office.


The establishment of paternity is important to establish legal rights that a child may be entitled to from the father. The Child Support Division of the Gila County Attorney’s office will assist either parent in establishing legal paternity for a child. Paternity can be established by stipulation of the parties, father’s acknowledgment or genetic testing.


The Child Support Division of the Gila County Attorney’s office will assist either parent or caretaker with physical custody of a child in establishing a child support and medical support order.


Gila County uses all available state and federal remedies to enforce child support orders. The child support office can issue an order of assignment to employers, social security administration, unemployment, workman’s compensation providers as well as limited orders of assignment to various onetime benefit payers.  The child support division will also intercept federal and state income tax refunds and lottery winnings.

The enforcement of an order may include suspension of licenses, both drivers and recreational, passport suspension, liens on real property and motor vehicles, asset seizures and reporting of delinquencies to the major credit bureaus. The child support division may also file and order to appear with the superior court to request a hearing for failure to provide support. At that hearing, the Judge may find the non-custodial parent in contempt and sentence him or her to incarceration.


For more information regarding child support enforcement program, please contact us at the office of the Gila County Attorney Child Support Division.

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