Bad Check Division

The Gila County Attorney’s Office established the Bad Check Program in 1996 to help victims recover lost funds from the issuance of bad checks.  Issuing a bad check is a misdemeanor and repeated offenses or high dollar offenses could result in felony prosecution.

The Bad Check Program enables offenders to avoid criminal prosecution by paying full economic restitution and statutory fees to their victims within a limited time.  However, not everyone is eligible to participate in the Bad Check Program; the County Attorney reserves the right to prosecute any bad check offender.
The Bad Check Handbook provides detailed information about how to submit a dishonored check to the Program.  It includes a sample Dishonored Notice as well as a sign for businesses to post to ward off offenders.  The Program is free to all victims of bad checks passed in Gila County.
For advice on how to avoid accepting bad checks or how to submit checks to the Program, please contact the Gila County Attorney’s Office in Payson.










Bad Check Program                                 

714 S. Beeline Hwy. Ste 202
Payson, Arizona 85541
Phone: (928) 474-4426